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Breaking The Silence is a 501c3 non profit organization that focuses on Mental Wellness in the black Community. Breaking The Silence connects women & youth with quality mental health service such as therapy we refer clients to therapist out of our network that consists of Black Doctors, Therapist, Psychologists & psychiatrists in the Chicago & Chicagoland area.  Our founder has sat down in every Mental Health Professionals office in which they practice & interview them to ensure we are referring clients to the best of the best mental health professionals. We host monthly mental wellness workshops/therapeutic events that’s a safe space for Black women & youth to form community on their wellness journey & practice wellness in fun therapeutic ways outside of one on one therapy. Breaking the Silence also funds individual Therapy sessions for qualifying individuals. Breaking the Silence is on a mission to normalize mental wellness in the black community & smash the shame & stigmas attaches to mental illness. We are educating black women & youth on the importance of seeking professional help, while providing fun therapeutic events to support wellness journies. We’ve made the process fast & easy for individuals to find affordable high quality mental health professionals.


Our mission is to provide Education, Navigation, & Funding for mental health services. 



Enhancing each participant’s quality of life.


Creating a positive environment for personal growth and healing.


Changing the stigma associated with mental illness



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